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Thanks for checking out the site, my name is Josh!  N64 Gaming is a site for retro and new gamers.  We will be reviewing retro and new games, doing hands on impressions.  The Nintendo 64 was the system that my wife and I played on when we were dating in the late 90’s.  Because that is such a special time for me I decide to name the site after it.  The N64 isn’t the only system we will cover, but you will see an on going Mario Kart 64 competition on our YouTube channel.  Another focus of the site is to help those wanting to get into the gaming industry.  I plan on doing that by interviewing those currently in the industry.  We can hear their story and advice they might share.  I always wanted to get into the industry, but never felt I could find a clear path to that goal.  I am now creating my own path that will also be documented on this site.  I want to thank you again for stopping by the site, make sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date with all the content.  Say hi to Jen and I on twitter.

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