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N64 Gaming Podcast Episode 25

In this episode I chat with John Harper,  He’s writer with a very inspire story that started with the novelization of Short Circuit.  He is now writing for games, and gives some great tips for writing.  You will find some great resources, from John, in the links below.  You can watch the interview below.

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The links from the show.

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Websites I think are useful for writing (for games or otherwise)


His websites and contact details are:

Email: john@andherethewheel.co.nz
Twitter: @andherethewheel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.harper.9843499
Website: www.andherethewheel.co.nz

My book can be purchased from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Elite-And-Here-Wheel-Dangerous-ebook/dp/B00KZ0ZNI4

My current project is shallow-space which is at www.shallow-space.com which has links to everything.


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