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On this page you will find my recommendations for games, and systems, you shouldn’t miss.  All of the links are Amazon.com affiliate links, so that means I make a small commission if you click through and purchase anything.  Please don’t feel obligated to do so.  If you do I thank you, it helps support the site and gives me more time to create content.

Systems and Games

Nintendo WiiU

This system get played more than any other system in our house.  We have one in the living room and my younger son has one in his room.  Where is it lacks in power from the other two consoles, it makes up for in games that are blast to play.  The lack of a Blu-ray player is frustrating, but for the best games this is the system.  Another reason this system is great is the game pad, it allows you to play most of the games with out needing the TV.  I like to put on a movie or TV show and race Mario Kart 8 or play NES Remix.

Mario Kart 8

I have been a fan of Mario Kart since it came out on SNES.  The series only gets better in each iteration.  Mario Kart 8 runs at 60 fps with up to 2 players, it drops to 30 fps with 3 or more, but still looks gorgeous.  The controls are smooth and the online play is fantastic.  There is DLC coming 11/14 and 5/15, so the game will get another 16 tracks and 6 racers.

Super Mario 3D World


Super Mario 3D world is a great addition to the Mario franchise, it looks great and controls great.  Getting used to the 3D perspective can be a little tricky at times.  My 6 year old daughter played through most the game alone, so it’s not too difficult.  Four players is frantic, but enjoyable.  My wife and I played all the way through this one after the kids would go to bed.

Nintendo Land 

Nintendo Land is a collection of mini games that pay tribute to many of Nintendo iconic franchises.  Being a family of six were stoked that one of the games would allow 6 players, two of us had to share the game pad.  Mario Chase is one our favs it puts one player as Mario, using the games pad, to run from up to four players, dressed as toad, using the television.

Super Mario Bros U


Out of all the “New” Super Mario Bros series this one feel the most like classics.  Giant over world map, riding Yoshi and an animal suit power up give the classic feel.  Having a fifth player add blocks, with the game pad, to reach tough items is a nice touch. (see what did there?)


Pikmin 3

You will get explore the landscapes of earth as a tiny space man and his little minions.  This game look amazing and since the update allows for multiple control schemes. Multiplayer great fun with this one.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Two players can take this adventure together.  This one is little more difficult than most games out these days, but it’s a welcome challenge.  Seeing Donkey Kong is HD is a treat.

Zelda Wind Waker HD Remake


I played through this game on the GameCube when it was originally released, and it looked great then.  Seeing this game is HD is awesome and I highly recommend if you’re Zelda fan.  Using the game pad to quickly access items is great addition.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


This game is the reason I own two WiiU’s.  My son wanted to be able to play online together.  This game will consume your life if you let it, so you’ve been warned.


Zombie U


One of the few M rated games on the system, this one is fun to play with the lights out.  Every time you lose your main character you have to find yourself zombified self to get back what you’d previously collected.



Must Have Wii Games